PzDB 1.3 Official Release

July 7, 2014: Today, Rocketship3D .Com released PzDB 1.3, the third generation of its flagship CGI Content Management Database application.  The new program is faster, more powerful, more customizable, and supports dozens more file types and applications, including Anime Studio libraries and iClone CGI content.

 “We’re very proud of the new build,” said Ben Margolis, Chief Developer for Rocketship3D, “the new customizable Launch Buttons are a great feature that let you hook PzDB up to almost any program you have, the database is faster and more accurate, and we’ve ironed out a couple of longstanding issues as well.”

One of those longstanding issues was the product activation system, which told some users their free trial was over long before it should have been, and made others reactivate their products over and over again. “That won’t be a problem anymore,” said Margolis adding, “of course, everyone will need a whole new product activation code, and that will take some doing.”

That is an issue.  The PzDB 1.X Upgradeable License has been available since 2009, and many of the email addresses of registered users are no longer accurate.  Because of that, Rocketship3D has created this PzDB 1. X to 1.3 license upgrade form (click here) so that users can upgrade their licenses.

PzDB 1.3 is available as a 60 day free trial to everyone (whether you have used PzDB before or not), is on sale now to Rocketship3D .Com store, will be available in Rocketship3D resale sites; Renderosity .Com, ContentParadise.Com, and, shortly.

NEWS: October 18, 2013:
Windows 8.1 Upgrade causes PzDB Product Activation problem.
We have
had reports that upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 causes PzDB Product Activation issues. Specifically, after upgrading, PzDB slips back in to Free Trail Mode, and then reports that the Free Trial Period has ended. To fix this issue simply contact us with your Serial Number and we will clear you for reactivation.

The PzDB 1.3 Public Beta Test has started. All PzDB 1.x Users invited.

PzDB 1.3 is here! (well, almost) We’re still testing it, but it’s so cool, we thought you might want to test it too! So The PzDB 1.3 Public Beta Test is open to all PzDB 1.X Licensees.  With powerful new features like User Configurable Launch buttons, faster and more accurate searching and indexing, dozens of new file types and a Customizable interface, we’re sure all PzDB users are going to love it.To join The PzDB 1.3 Public Beta Test click here.


PzDB 1.2.5 Released: Free upgrade for all PzDB 1.2 and 1.X Users

New in  PzDB 1.2.5:

Improved DAZ Studio Support
PzDB now indexes and supports all current DAZ Studio filetypes, in addition, DAZ Studio are now sorted among PzDB Categories as follows:  DAZ files are still DAZ Scenes; DS, DSB, DSE, DSA, DSX and now DUF and DSF files are listed as DAZ Scripts; DSO, DSD, and DSVs are considered Geometries; DSI, DCB, and DBMs are listed as Materials; DBC is a Camera; and  a DBL is a Light.

Movies &  Sounds
And we’ve added other new file types for everyone else too: Movies: PzDB now indexes AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, and WMV files* and  Sounds: (and music !) MP3, WAV, WMA, and FLAC files (Movie files do not have thumbnails, but will in PzDB 1.3)

Click here to download PzDB 1.2.5


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