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Q: Is everything really Always 20% Off at

A: Absolutely!

When you buy Content from those big online 3D retailers, they charge the developers of that content a lot of fees. The fact is, up to half of what you pay at those big 3D sites goes to the website company, and not to the artists and content creators.

When you Buy Direct at Rocketship3D, it just costs us a lot less to process the transaction, and we pass those savings on to you!  It’s just our way of saying thanks to the 3D community for your years of support. Think of it as a sale that never ends!

So whether it the next Universal Sizing Apparatus, or the latest update to PzDB, or whatever it is that we come up with next, you’ll know that you can always save 20% on Powerful Tools for 3D Artists and Animators when you Buy Direct at Rocketship 3D!







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