PzDB 1.2.5 Free Upgrade Announced

Release Date for PzDB 1.3 to be Announced.

PzDB 1.3 Public Beta Test Starting

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PzDB is the Fastest, Most Powerful CGI Content
and Poser Library Manager there is.

  • Organize Massive Poser Libraries, 3D Content Collections and Muiltimedia  Archives without moving or renaming files.
  • Fully Automatic: Sorts, Groups and Cross References
    Content by Itself!
  • Fully Customizable: Organize your files your way,  it does all the work!
  • No “Metadata” hassles.
  • No connections to online data services.

PzDB indexes all your Poser Libraries, CGI files, and multimedia content and cross references all the related items,

Unlike other Content Management Systems, PzDB does not start automatically when Windows starts, it does not require “System Administrator” privileges, it does not run at all times, it will not trigger your antivirus software, it does not scan the entire contents of all of your hard drives and it does not request or report information about your content across the Internet.

PzDB automatically sorts, groups and cross references your CGI content based only upon its relationship to your other CGI content. It does not request data from any other source and does it not rely any vendor supplied “metadata.”


from PzDB 1.1 Classic the easy to own, simple to use Library Manager for Poser versions 4 through 7,
 to the fast, powerful and customizable  PzDB 1.3, with support for all the latest apps and
 dozens of 3D, 2D and multimedia files types.

PzDB Feature Comparison







PzDB 1.1

PzDB 1.2

PzDB 1.3

Poser/DAZ Studio
Library Manager

Poser 7 or earlier
All DS versions

All Poser Versions
All DS versions

All Poser Versions
All DS versions

Interaction with Other Apps


Drag & Drop
or pRPC

Multi Drag & Drop
 (or pRPC)


File Types Organized

Poser/DS Libraries*
 Poser/DS Scenes
Python/DS Scripts

< All of those plus:  Bitmaps*
3D Meshes
3DS Max

< All of those plus:  More Bitmaps*
Audio Files
2D Vector Art* 
Anime Studio*
Corel Creative Suite*X5
 Google Sketchup*

Launches Windows Programs



Yes, with Customizable Settings

New Features


Improved Interface

Customizable Interface



Faster Indexing

Way Faster indexing!
(via connection to Windows Search)




Catalog Removable & Network Drives




Thumbnail Cache for Faster Display


More Info

More Info

More Info






Buy Direct!
Only  $11.96

Buy Direct!
Only $31.96

Buy Direct!
Only $55.96





* With Thumbnails



Buy the PzDB 1.x Upgradeable License and get 1.2 now and 1.3 when it’s released.

ALL FIVE-STAR Reviews at Renderosity!

"Best of 2009" and a “Top Seller” at
Content Paradise!

The Reviews are In!
Actual unsolicited comments
 from PzDB users:
HOLY SH_T! This is
*** Fantastic!***
- gpfer

IT DESERVES 10 STARS! AWESOME WORK! Simply THE BEST purchase I have ever made for Poser! At the start I thought it was a little expensive, BUT IT'S NOT. The time gain using this database is so widely huge, I can easily say I couldn't work without it anymore! Using it is a joy: it's powerful, easy, fast and top professional quality grade software. - visionastral
I'm so happy with this database! I'm still getting the hang of it but it has made my Poser experience fun and productive again. I highly recommend this product!
- PositivelyCreative
This purchase was the best improvement to my workflow I could ever have imagined...  I enter "Hair Anastasia" and PzDB lists me any hair I have for this figure, regardless if it is in a prop folder, figure or hair folder in any of my 52 Runtimes! ... I am now a happy artist ...
Wonderful program! This is exactly what I've been needing to organize my content (over 10 gigs) and it works!!! I've already rediscovered content that I had long forgotten about... I just love this program and would highly recommend it to any Poser user! I can't wait to play with all this stuff I forgot about - It's like Christmas all over again!
 - Cheers! Renderholics

Wow! Just plain wow! No other [program] comes close to the ease and available different library styles. I have compared yours to P3dO and your software blows them away. ... The software has performed admirably so far and it has allowed me to index not only Poser/Daz files, but also my Vue / 3Dmax / Modo / C4D. Thank you,
- Duncan

I am incredibly impressed by the new release of PzDB. I can't use DAZ without it anymore. The new function that updates all catalogs is more powerful and efficient that I could have hoped for. The search and sort capabilities are nearly overwhelming. Finding the obscure items I added long ago, and have since nearly forgotten, is a breeze and a pleasure. The new interface is intuitive and flexible and strikingly easy to use. I'm particularly happy that the import from the previous release was painless and straightforward. Thank you for another winner!
  - Dave

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