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Q: I want  to pay by Credit Card, why does it keep going to PayPal?
A: We use PayPal to process our Credit and Debit card transactions. You do not have to join PayPal.

    1. If you use PayPal regularly,  “cookies” on your computer direct their website to make PayPal an option. If you still wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card, just select the bottom link.PayPalCC2

    If you don’t use PayPal you’ll see this screen:

    Just fill in your customer information and click “Continue” to select your method of payment.
    You do not have to join PayPal.

Q: Can I save my shopping cart?

A: Yes. The download service we use,, saves your shopping cart as a “cookie” on your computer, and it will stay there, unless you try to make a purchase from another Payloadz Vendor, at which time you will either have to complete your transaction or clear the shopping cart.







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