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PzDB 1.x Upgradeable License


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PzDB is The CGI Content Management Database.
 It brings all of the power of the Microsoft Access Database Engine to bear on that overwhelming and totally uncontrolled file inventory that is your Poser and CGI Content Library. PzDB helps you to find the exact 3D content you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, and it works.

The PzDB 1.x Upgradeable License will includes a one-seat license for:

PzDB 1.1 the original Poser Library Manager Database

PzDB 1.2, It’s not just for Poser anymore, which goes well beyond your Poser Library, indexing all your 3D content and working with all your favorite CGI programs.


PzDB 1.3 Coming Soon, is faster, more powerful, customizable and extends your PzDB Database into video, anime, and multimedia production.

List Price  $69.95   Buy Direct Only $55.96





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